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Sodium bisulfite

Sodium bisulfite or sodium hydrosulfite is a chemical compound, an acid salt of sodium and sulfur dioxide with the chemical formula NaHSO3. Antioxidant and Preservative (E222).

Sodium hydrosulfite is used in light, chemical and other industries. It is used as a preservative or antioxidant in the food industry.

Sodium bisulfite (or sodium bisulfite, sodium hydrosulfite) is a chemical compound with the chemical formula NaHSO3. Sodium bisulfite is a food supplement number E222. This bisulfite salt can be prepared by bubbling sulfur dioxide in a solution of sodium carbonate in water.

The use of sodium hydrosulfite:

– light, chemical and other industries

– used in the food industry as an antioxidant or preservative

– used in almost all wines exported (the chemical properties of sodium hydrosulfite in this case help prevent oxidation and preserve the taste of the drink)

– used in canning fruits to combat microbes and prevent darkening

– for dyeing and bleaching of various tissues is used as a preservative

– for removing active dyes in the process of dyeing cotton

– when dyeing polyesters for reconditioning

– as a preservative in bleaching fabrics and as a reducing agent for vat dyes

– in biochemical engineering is used to maintain anaerobic conditions in the reactor

Sulfuric acid salts are used for preserving feed in animal husbandry, of which sodium hydrosulfite is most widely used. Almost in quantitative yield, it is obtained by saturating a solution of sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate with sulfur dioxide.

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