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Thermoplastic Linear Resin

STS CFAP RESIN Thermoplastic Linear Resin is an aromatic linear thermoplastic resin with excellent compatibility with most organ-based inks and coatings and non-aqueous UV systems. This product has excellent compatibility in UV curable coating systems other than alcohol solvent formulations. The main areas of application:

UV printing inks

Resistant to alcohol-ethanol

OPV varnishes and organo-based printing inks

UV printed ink for printers

Pigment pastes for organically based systems

UV anti-corrosion and anti-rust materials

Industrial and furniture coatings

UV adhesives and adhesives

Features and Benefits

Increases gloss and hardness.

Improves wetting and dispersion of pigments

Reduces grinding time

Increases drying speed and dry residue

Reduces viscosity and increases solids

Widely used in UV-curable systems and organo-based formulations

Significantly reduces bulk shrinkage of films

Excellent resistance to alcohol-ethanol and mineral oils

Formaldehyde and halogen free

Key comparative indicators: